My Meteor Journey (Meteor learning resources)

I wanted to make a post about how I’ve gotten started and progressed through my self-learning journey for Meteor.

I hope this could be useful for those who are either considering starting with Meteor or want to get started with Meteor, to follow the resources I’ve gathered. I’ll keep coming back and updating this post as well.

If you are still trying to decide whether to try Meteor, read ‘Why Meteor (for me)’ post.

Sept 2015

First Meteor Application

Great first tutorial, where I got my mind blown by Meteor for the first time.

Oct 2015

Learn Meteor Properly Study Guide

Quite a comprehensive study guide, starting to follow through it, scheduled about 2 months to finish it part-time.

If your Javascript isn’t real solid (mine isn’t), go through their javascript study guide as well (I am going through that too):

MongoDB University

Learning Meteor of course should be accompanied with learning MongoDB, as it being the only database supported in Meteor at the moment.

MongoDB official website has a free MongoDB University with courses, which comes with weekly lectures, quizzes, and homework. Excellent tutorials, and FREE, definitely recommended.

Sidebar: React JS Udemy course

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